Dodge Nationals

Hello everyone,

We made the decision to get off the 60’s and focus on the 80’s starting with the Dodge Nationals.

As for Dodge, Max has picked up his pace and was running in the top 5 of his 85 age class. But on Saturday during his third moto of the supermini he crashed during the uphill whoop section. He swapped out and broke his arm. (not the same one from Mammoth) When we took him to the doctor yesterday, I had asked him to check his knee since it was hurting him before racing Dodge. We found out that he had broken the bottom of his knee cap. I have know idea when that had happened. He is one tough kid!

Unfortunately, Max will be out 6-8 weeks healing up. The good news is that he will be able to hunt and fish with his dad and brother.

I will keep you updated when we get healed and back on the bike.

Thank you for all of your support. We appreciate it very much.

Michelle Miller

 Hangtown is a fun track to race. It’s one of my favorite nationals to go to. I got 3 national titles there, in all of my 50 races. My last race on 50’s! The 65 stock I went 2

nd, 2nd, 3rd with a 2nd overall. The 65 mod I went 3rd, 4th, 29 for a 12th. During my last 65 mod moto, I swapped and smashed my foot, I couldn’t finish the moto. We didn’t think it was broken, so we iced it that night. The next morning I felt that I could ride with it taped and it would be fine for the last two motos. I raced my last 50 moto and won, but my foot was hurting and I didn’t race my 65 6-11 moto. I ended up with a 3rd, 3rd and a 34. I got a 12th overall for the 65 6-11.


I ended up breaking my navicular bone in my foot.