Hangtown is a fun track to race. It’s one of my favorite nationals to go to. I got 3 national titles there, in all of my 50 races. My last race on 50’s! The 65 stock I went 2

nd, 2nd, 3rd with a 2nd overall. The 65 mod I went 3rd, 4th, 29 for a 12th. During my last 65 mod moto, I swapped and smashed my foot, I couldn’t finish the moto. We didn’t think it was broken, so we iced it that night. The next morning I felt that I could ride with it taped and it would be fine for the last two motos. I raced my last 50 moto and won, but my foot was hurting and I didn’t race my 65 6-11 moto. I ended up with a 3rd, 3rd and a 34. I got a 12th overall for the 65 6-11.


I ended up breaking my navicular bone in my foot.

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