Hello to all of our wonderful sponsors,

The big news here is,  Max has decided to ride for KTM Orange Brigade.  He tested the 85sx during Christmas break and he likes it! 

Mike and Max had a great time riding the southern California tracks, getting some good practice in.  They ended their break going to A1 and having a blast.  Max will continue to practice at home as much as possible before Spring Nationals.

If the weather is nice enough, Max will be training with Monte Hill at the Hill MX Ranch. 

Our plan for Spring Nationals is to go to Oakhill and Freestone.  We would love to go to Millcreek. But its too much time off school, for Max.   Millcreek is one of Max’s favorite tracks and he is bummed that he won’t be able to race it this year. 

I will send some pictures of Max on his new KTM as soon as I get some. 

We appreciate all of your support and we are looking forward to an awesome year.

Thank you,

Michelle Miller

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