Hello to everyone,

We finally made it back to Oregon after five weeks of training and racing!

The first stop was a Mammoth qualifier at Competitive Edge MX Park, where he placed 1st in both of his 65 classes. And he placed 6th in the 85, 7-11 class.  It was a very windy weekend and Max had to be on his game.  He had gotten blown off the track when he was on his 85 where he crashed and Mike had to fix his bars!  It was still a good weekend and a start to an exciting month.

We then headed to Texas where we trained at the Masterpool’s for a couple of days before heading to Millcreek MX Park in Pell City, Alabama. Max loves that track and had placed 1st in the 65 stock and mod class, 2nd in his 65 open class, a 2nd in his 85 stock, and a 3rd in the 85 mod class. It was a three moto format and he was on the podium quite a bit! He also won the wakeboard for being “best of the best” in the mini class. Which means that he won the most motos. He was super pumped!


Max and Mike headed to Oakhill Nationals by themselves while I went home for the week. Max ended up with a 1st in the 65 stock, a 2nd in the 65 mod, a 3rd in the 65 open, a 12th in the 85 stock and mod classes. He had a few get offs and fought hard to come back and podium!


The last national was at Freestone MX Park, one of the most fun and favorite races, where Max had placed 1st in all three of his 65 classes.  In his 85 classes he had some get offs and we pulled him out of his last 85 mod class. He placed a 16th in the stock and a 19th in the mod class.  He was disappointed in himself for not doing better in the 85 classes and crashing too many times.  I’m thankful that he wasn’t hurt and we finished off the month strong.

max&Mikefreestone all-races

Overall, the five weeks were fun, but tough being away from Max’s brother and sisters.  We are very proud of Max!  He is excited to qualify for Loretta’s and get ready for Mammoth.

We are very grateful that we have the help from all of you and appreciate everything that you do!

Thank you,

Michelle Miller

PS: Max had 6 -1st places, 3-2nd places and 2-3rd places.

Mike also, had a good month with 3-1st places, 2-2nd places and 2-3rd places!

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