I had lots of mechanical issues with my 50….My 1

st moto I was running up front and my chain came off at the last corner before the finish line. I pushed my 50 across the finish line to end up with a 17th. The next moto was better, I went down twice but ended up with a 6th. The third moto was the worst! My chain came off again after the second lap and it took forever to get it back on. I was down more than a lap and made up as much time as I could. I ended up with a 31st. My overall was a 17th.


The 65 race started out better, I got a 10

th in the first race, a 7th in the 2nd moto and a 31st in the third. In the third moto I had a good start, but when I came into a corner I pulled in my front break and it stayed in. It was stuck in the whole moto which caused me to crash over the dragons back. I ended up with a 13th overall!


I had a fun time with my family and camping by the creek with the Hill family. It was hot and humid!

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