Hello everyone,

Max has had a very busy month of area qualifiers and spring nationals. Max qualified in the NW, SW, and MW for the Loretta Lynn regionals.

He also had a great time traveling to Texas for Spring Nationals. Mike and Max had to stop off at The Blue Pool in New Mexico and jump in the 64 degree water!! I think the main appeal was to be able to jump off the rocks!

The first race was The Oakhill Championship. Max had a solid week with a 2nd in the 85 9-13, a 2nd in the 85 mini Sr.1 a 3rd in the 85 (12-14) and a 3rd in the 85 (12-14 limited). All in all it was a great week! Our Orange Brigade team is wonderful. Nathan Ramsey was a huge help in getting Max’s gate ready while Mike was out racing. It never fails that there will be at least one moto that Mike has before or after Max! Nathan’s help was appreciated very much.

Our next race was the James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship! This race started off with full gates and divisions in some classes. Max had some great motos and a few crashes which put him behind the eight ball for overall scores. Max never gives up and always is giving his best! He ended up with a 3rd in the 12-14 limited, 9th in the 9-13, 10th in the mini sr. 2, a 13th in the mini sr. 1 and a 14th in the 12-14 mod. Max went into the 12-14 mod with a 34th after he crashed in the whoops trying to pass for 3rd, got back up and saw that he lost his kick starter!! The second moto was on the last day and in the rain and it was a muddy mess. Max had the best time racing and ended up with a 2nd!

We had an amazing two weeks of racing, crazy weather and a lot of fun.

Mike and Max are on their way to California for the Orange Brigade Camp and The California Classic.

We are very grateful for every ones support and help. It is wonderful to have a great support group!

Thank you,
Michelle Miller