Hello everyone,

As most of you know, Max broke his arm at Mammoth on Wednesday.  That’s the bad news!  The good news is that it looks like we should be able to race at Loretta’s and Prague.

On our way home we took Max to the famous sports doctor. Dr. Ting, in Fremont, California.  He made sure that his elbow and wrist were not injured and that it was just his bone.  Therefore, all that has to heal is his radius.  We will be sending Dr. Ting x-rays every week and he will monitor his progress.

As for the first day of racing,  Max got off to a rocky start. He had some minor crashes and got a 3rd and 4th in his qualifying divisions.  But when it came to the finals, Max turned it up and won both classes.  The 85 class he did great and ended up with an 8th!

The second day of racing started out great and he won both of his 65 divisions and got a 5th in the 85 division.  When it came to the first 65 final, Max was battling for the lead with Ty Masterpool and they crashed.  Max knew instantly that he broke his arm.

Max knows its going to be tough going to Loretta’s with no practice but he wants to try and give it his all!

We hope to see you all at Loretta’s and that Dr. Ting gives us his blessing to race!

Thank you for all of the support.  We appreciate it!

Michelle Miller

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