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Happy Holidays to all of you!

October was a very exciting month for us! Our new mechanic Taylor, Max and I drove down to California to train for Monster Energy Cup. While Mike stayed home and worked. It was a first for me to take the motorhome by myself!! Max trained with Nathan Ramsey for two weeks, which gave Max the confidence for MEC.
Max had two great races at the Monster Energy Cup. He was on the podium twice with a 3rd in the first moto and a 2nd in the 2nd moto, Placing 2nd overall. It was an amazing night and we are very proud of Max! He handled the whole day calm and confident, even when his practices were a little off.
It was very exciting in the pits, too. Lots of our family, friends and fans were there to make it extra special.
Max’s plans for the remainder of the year is to race Mini O’s (Mike and Max are there now training), and race Arizona Open. During Christmas break, we will go to California for a week to train.
After the New Year, We are planning to get as much training as we can before spring nationals.
We want to thank everyone for their continued support. It means a lot to us and we appreciate everything that you do!

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Hello to all of our great sponsors,

It has been a very busy, fun summer! Our first Summer race was at Mammoth. Max raced the Mini Sr. 1 and Mini Sr. 2. He ended up with a 4th overall in the Mini Sr. 1 and a 5th overall in the Mini Sr. 2. He also was invited to to the Supermini Allstars on Friday and placed 7th. We always have a lot of fun in Mammoth and it is one of our all time favorite races.

Our next race was Loretta Lynn’s, but before Loretta’s we were able to attend the Orange Brigade camp in Tennessee at Muddy Creek and Daxton Bennick’s track in North Carolina. The Orange Brigade camp was amazing! Max was able to get used to the weather and train with Nathan Ramsey.

Max finished with a solid 5th in the Mini Sr. 1 class. But in his Mini Sr. 2 class it started out rough and continued for all three motos .

We had a great time with our family. Max’s sisters, Kate and Alison, plus grandma and grandpa were able to spend the week with us. Our son Jack was not able to fly out this year, hopefully next year he will be able watch.

We also were fortunate that Motosport sent Brett Que to be our mechanic! It was a blessing to have him there, he was a great help.

Loretta’s 2015 was our most fun year so far. So many memories and lots of fun with our family and friends!

After Loretta’s, we came home for a few weeks and then took off for a much needed family vacation to Mexico. No racing involved, just playing in the ocean and having fun. We did give out a few of Max’s stickers to the locals. It was an awesome time for all of us.

Max is now in school and training for Monster Energy Cup. He will be training with Monte Hill until the weather turns rainy. When that happens, we will then head down to California and train with Nathan Ramsey.

Max is super excited to be invited to race the Supermini class at MEC. It has been one of his dreams to be able to go!

We are very grateful for all of your support!

Thank you

Hello everyone,

Max has had a very busy month of area qualifiers and spring nationals. Max qualified in the NW, SW, and MW for the Loretta Lynn regionals.

He also had a great time traveling to Texas for Spring Nationals. Mike and Max had to stop off at The Blue Pool in New Mexico and jump in the 64 degree water!! I think the main appeal was to be able to jump off the rocks!

The first race was The Oakhill Championship. Max had a solid week with a 2nd in the 85 9-13, a 2nd in the 85 mini Sr.1 a 3rd in the 85 (12-14) and a 3rd in the 85 (12-14 limited). All in all it was a great week! Our Orange Brigade team is wonderful. Nathan Ramsey was a huge help in getting Max’s gate ready while Mike was out racing. It never fails that there will be at least one moto that Mike has before or after Max! Nathan’s help was appreciated very much.

Our next race was the James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship! This race started off with full gates and divisions in some classes. Max had some great motos and a few crashes which put him behind the eight ball for overall scores. Max never gives up and always is giving his best! He ended up with a 3rd in the 12-14 limited, 9th in the 9-13, 10th in the mini sr. 2, a 13th in the mini sr. 1 and a 14th in the 12-14 mod. Max went into the 12-14 mod with a 34th after he crashed in the whoops trying to pass for 3rd, got back up and saw that he lost his kick starter!! The second moto was on the last day and in the rain and it was a muddy mess. Max had the best time racing and ended up with a 2nd!

We had an amazing two weeks of racing, crazy weather and a lot of fun.

Mike and Max are on their way to California for the Orange Brigade Camp and The California Classic.

We are very grateful for every ones support and help. It is wonderful to have a great support group!

Thank you,
Michelle Miller

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all,

It was a very busy, fun month for Max and Mike! The first stop was at the Stewart compound for the Freestone ride day. Max had a blast there and was able to practice in a different kind of dirt/sand. He was also able to hit some big jumps that nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw the video!! They went to another track they called Moonraker, It was the best and most fun practice track that they had ever been at.

Then on to Mini O’s, It was the first time that Max had been there and he had a fun time. His supercross results were a 2nd in the 85 9-11 mod class and a 3rd in the limited class. The Motocross results were a 4th in the mod class and a 6th in the limited classs. He also got 3rd in the Divisional Olympiad! It has been a while that he has had a full gate to compete with and he enjoyed the competition. Overall, it was a great week! videophotos

The Arizona Open was a little warmer and a little more muddy. I was able to fly in for the weekend and watch Mike and Max race. Max had a heck of a time with his mod bike that weekend. Almost every race something happened to get him a dnf. It was very frustrating but Max handled it well and even clapped for his competitors/friends who were racing. I was very proud of him! His stock bike was on point and he won his 85 9-11 limited class with a 1,1,1 . Max even had the funniest podium speech quoting Ricky Bobby. The announcer knew he had difficulties and asked about it, Max said “I feel like Ricky Bobby, if I wasn’t first, I was last”.

I know this is long, but it was a memorable month of good, fun racing!

Our next adventure we will be going to California during Christmas break and practice.

Thank you very much for all you do for Max. We a very fortunate to have an incredible list of sponsors who believe in him and support him.

Happy Holidays,

Michelle Miller

2014 dodge 2014dodgecorner

We had a great time at the Dodge Nationals last week!  It was good to see all of our moto friends and families.  It was Max’s first race back with only four weeks of practice.  We were very happy that he was on the podium twice with a 2nd in the 85 7-11 mod, a 3rd in the 85 7-11 stock and a 4th in the 85 7-15 open.  It was a fun week of racing and getting some gate time. 

Now, its back to school and getting practice in for Mini O’s!!  We have never been back to Mini O’s and we are very excited to go. 

We also want to thank everyone for their support and help.  We are very grateful that we have such awesome sponsors!!

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