Hello to all of our wonderful sponsors,

The big news here is,  Max has decided to ride for KTM Orange Brigade.  He tested the 85sx during Christmas break and he likes it! 

Mike and Max had a great time riding the southern California tracks, getting some good practice in.  They ended their break going to A1 and having a blast.  Max will continue to practice at home as much as possible before Spring Nationals.

If the weather is nice enough, Max will be training with Monte Hill at the Hill MX Ranch. 

Our plan for Spring Nationals is to go to Oakhill and Freestone.  We would love to go to Millcreek. But its too much time off school, for Max.   Millcreek is one of Max’s favorite tracks and he is bummed that he won’t be able to race it this year. 

I will send some pictures of Max on his new KTM as soon as I get some. 

We appreciate all of your support and we are looking forward to an awesome year.

Thank you,

Michelle Miller

Hello everyone,

We made the decision to get off the 60’s and focus on the 80’s starting with the Dodge Nationals.

As for Dodge, Max has picked up his pace and was running in the top 5 of his 85 age class. But on Saturday during his third moto of the supermini he crashed during the uphill whoop section. He swapped out and broke his arm. (not the same one from Mammoth) When we took him to the doctor yesterday, I had asked him to check his knee since it was hurting him before racing Dodge. We found out that he had broken the bottom of his knee cap. I have know idea when that had happened. He is one tough kid!

Unfortunately, Max will be out 6-8 weeks healing up. The good news is that he will be able to hunt and fish with his dad and brother.

I will keep you updated when we get healed and back on the bike.

Thank you for all of your support. We appreciate it very much.

Michelle Miller


Hello everyone,

We have had a very crazy month!  Loretta’s turned out to be a difficult race for Max, with only a few days of practice after breaking his arm. He was not as strong as he wanted to be.  On his first race he had to pull off and take a break because he could not hold on.  He did improve over the week with better results in each of his motos, but he still wasn’t at the pace where he left off at Mammoth.  Although it was difficult, Max had an eye opener on what it takes to stay at the top of his game.  He has a new dedication to being prepared for every National.  His final results at Loretta’s were a 10th in the 65 (7-11) and a 17th in the 65 stock.

During Loretta’s, we were questioning whether to go to the FIM Jr. World Championships because Max was still recovering from his broken arm. Despite this disadvantage, Max was determined to go and give it his all.  He started out with the fastest lap time in his qualified timed practice and ended up with the 2nd gate pick for the main event.  His first moto didn’t’ turn out the way he wanted it to.  Max crashed three times and couldn’t get his bike started.  He ended up with a 27th in the first moto.  The second moto was better with only one crash and he ended up with a 6th. His overall place was 11th out of 42 riders.

Team USA won and took the gold.  It was a great experience to race in Europe.  The boys were treated like pros!  They had a team USA autograph signing which was awesome and a lot of fun.  The whole experience was absolutely amazing, from opening ceremonies to the evening team celebration.  Our team captains were very helpful, knowledgeable, and encouraging. 

We enjoyed ourselves very much with the Czech people and did some sight seeing.  Pisek was a wonderful quaint town and the hospitality was wonderful.  Prague was a fun city to explore and learn about their culture.  All in all we had a great time and we hope to go back and ride for team USA again.

Max is now getting ready to race Top Gun at Washougal, during Labor day weekend.  At the end of September he will be racing at the Dodge Nationals.  He has been having fun at home with his brother and sisters, riding horses, mountain biking and riding his motorcycle. 

Thank you all for your support,

Michelle Miller